Internet browser is a class of specialized software, used for accessing information located on different servers available online. The connection between servers and browser is made through the URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) and represent the unique identifier for a web page. These URL are in fact hyperlinks to the different web resources. When the user access one page, the browser it shows the resource from the URL location. The accessed resource can be a web page, a .pdf file, a word document or a embed video file.

Internet browser software is able to offer visibility of information located on different locations on the web. Accessed info’s may be public web pages or secured websites. This capability of the internet browsers makes from these instruments a very used type of software. The computer users must have a good understood of what a web browser represent to be safe against different web dangers.

In the past, a lot of people lost personal data because the browser’s security was very weak. A good hacker can access different computer resources through the browser software. These private data includes very high risk information like: the credit card info, pay pal accounts, password information remembered in browser’s cache and other very high risk data. This is the reason because a computer must have installed the best internet browser software.

First web navigator appear in 1993 and it was called NCSA Mosaic. This application it was first step in this direction and is was an non-commercial web browser.  However, NCSA Mosaic it represents the bricks from which Netscape browser was made in 1994. Netscape was the first made for public internet browser software. From the 1994 until 1995, Netscape was the leader on the browsers market.

In 1995, Microsoft Corporation decides to introduce it’s first internet browser, integrated in Windows 95 platform. The application it was called Internet Explorer and was a commercial success for the Bill Gates company. However, in 1996 other competitor enter on the internet browser software market: it was Opera Navigator. This web browser was not very successful on the beginning because Microsoft integrates by default it’s Internet Explorer in the all Windows Operating System versions.

Netscape transforms the producer company in Mozilla Foundation in 1998. The concept of the browser was changed: they decide to eliminate license of their product and to transform it in a Open Source software. However, Mozilla launches the Firefox Project in 1994. The software development it was very good and many users decides to choose Mozilla Firefox against Internet Explorer.

In 2003 Steve Job’s Apple company decides to enter on the market of the internet browser software. They launched in the same year the Apple’s browser called Safari Navigator. This is developed until these days and used on different mobile platforms. Safari is used as default internet browser on all the Apple products and other producers gadgets: iPhone,  some Nokia phones, on Google Android platform and on the few Palm Operating Systems.

In 2008, Google decides to attack the internet browser software market and introduces Chrome web navigator. Other independent browser producers are present on the market but the majority of the installed browsers software is represents by these five products: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari browser, Opera web navigator and Google Chrome browser.